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And the award for caring about the award goes to.......somebody else.

It has been brought to my attention that I and my band are not on the list for voting for a certain award. And that's ok. It guaranteed that there would be room for a band based out of Nashville and a band that broke up last year.

In all seriousness though, while my ego is a powerful beast it is a beast that I'm doing my best to slay on a daily basis. Awards are silly. They don't sell no records, they don't put no asses in seats, they don't write no songs, and you have to dust them.

So if you are feeling any kind of feelings about me not being included, please know that I am not feeling those feelings. Partially because I know that awards are silly. And also, in the words of the great Tom Petty, "I'm too busy to be bothered."

Congrats to whoever wants an award that wins one though, sincerely. Some people like it, and bully for them. I have good friends that get very excited when a stranger who has never heard their record charges them money to attend a ceremony where they will be handed a thing that means........something......I guess.

I know it's not right to say this kind of thing because people will a) think it's sour grapes or b) not give me any more awards.

But I already have my WAMI, so what is there to lose, right? I've peaked, so why not use this mouth to speak my mind instead of kissing ass. Some people care about these things and let these things have some sway over their feelings about themselves, and they shouldn't.

If you are passionate about what you're doing, it's good. If you're not, it's bad. Passion is not a category at any awards show I am aware of, so the hell with 'em.

Do what you do. Try to do it well. Do it with all you have as often as you can. You won't get an award, but I and others like me will respect you. And that's something.

And you won't have to dust it.