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Standing Rock

I hope you will all join me in donating a few dollars to the people fighting the good fight at Standing Rock. If everybody who 'checked in' today donates what they can it will make a huge difference.

The reasons we should all have skin in this game are many, and the reality is that you are not choosing whether or not to be involved. You are involved. The choice is whether or not you will be passive. This planet belongs to us all, and for too long corporations have had government muscle and legislative support to do as they please with it. If you stand by while the government uses force to take and destroy private land for the benefit of a wealthy few then you are complicit. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is not your fight.

In my childhood in Wyoming I came to love this part of the country and came to better understand the indigenous people in it. They have a lot to teach us about being good and respectful stewards of our planet and of each other. I refuse to do nothing while they suffer yet another injustice and while some of the last bits of open land in this country are threatened, and I hope you feel the need for action as urgently as I do.

Showing solidarity is wonderful, but it is not action. In the modern world and in this situation specifically your money is needed. Anything helps so give what you can.

You can donate directly here: